This article is about the type of plant. For the druid, see Ivy Sophista.
Release date 23 September 2009 (Update)
Members Yes
Logs None
Cannot be grown
Examine Members world: Choking ivy, ready to be cut down.
Free world: Some ivy.

Ivy, referred to in the skill guide and its members examine text as choking ivy, is a vine which grows upon several walls throughout Gielinor and may be chopped down by members for woodcutting experience. Level 68 Woodcutting is required to chop this vine and chopping grants 332.5 Woodcutting experience. No items are directly obtained through chopping the vine other than obtaining 1-2 strange rocks, if you have not already received them from woodcutting, and bird's nests. Players may choose to wear a strung rabbit foot while cutting to increase the number of bird's nests received. When an ivy vine is chopped down the remains will be an ivy stump. Ivy's respawn rate is 36 seconds.

With level 68 Woodcutting, a player using a dragon hatchet can gain around 65,000 experience an hour from cutting ivy. A player using a crystal hatchet with level 99 Woodcutting can gain around 81,000 experience an hour. Cutting ivy in the Crwys district of Prifddinas when affected by the Voice of Seren (for Crwys) will result in a 20% boost to woodcutting experience (399 xp instead of 332.5 xp). Crystal geodes, rather than bird's nests, are obtained from cutting Ivy when the Voice of Seren is active.


  • North wall of Varrock Palace, near the 3 yew trees. (4 spots)
  • South-east outer wall of Varrock Palace, next to tree Farming patch. (5 spots)
  • North side of the north wall of Falador, a little south-east from Gamers' Grotto entrance. (7 spots)
  • Eastern end of the south side of the south wall of Falador, a little north of the allotment patch. (7 spots)
  • South-east of Taverley, near the hot air balloon. (5 spots)
  • East wall of East Ardougne church, just west of Handelmort's Mansion. (5 spots)
  • North side of the north wall of Yanille, south-east of Yanille Dungeon. (6 spots)
  • South wall of Castle Wars, south of the Saradomin base. (7 spots)
  • Crwys Clan area, Prifddinas. (9 spots)


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