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JMod clone only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
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JMod clones are player spoofs of Jagex Moderators.

The Battle of Lumbridge

The clones fought for their respective gods in the Battle of Lumbridge World Event. They were sometimes spawned by Jagex Moderators, and unlike other monsters in the event, they only spawned at their respective camp. They were not aggressive towards players, but were aggressive towards JMod clones of the opposite faction, and, unless a player had attacked them, they would prioritise killing other clones, running to attack them even if they were on the other side of the battlefield. If there was no other JMod clone, they would attack the other minions of the opposite faction. If a JMod clone was wearing a Saradominist banner or Zamorakian banner, it would function exactly as it did when a player wore one, passively healing players of the same alignment when they are near it.

They rewarded a larger amount of divine tears than other monsters upon defeat (approximately three times as many). This ranged from 3 - 20.

Like the other Battle of Lumbridge monsters, they were capable of using Abilities (including ultimate abilities), and use the Adrenaline system. They only used abilities of their respective attack style.

Saradominist mods
Name Image Attack style Weakness Life points Battlecries
Mod Rocket's clone Mod Rocket's clone Melee Fire weakness icon Fire spells 85,000
  • I choose you, Saradomin!
  • We're blasting off again!
Mod Daezhun's clone Mod Daezhun's clone Ranged Slash weakness icon Slash 85,000
Mod Moltare's clone Mod Moltare's clone Melee Fire weakness icon Fire spells 105,000
  • Let's settle this like gentlemen.
  • Taskariath felase danai!
Mod Raven's clone Mod Raven's clone Magic Arrow weakness icon Arrows 105,000
  • Cower before the Raven!
  • You are no match for me!
  • Your eloquence astounds me. Are you ready to die?
Zamorakian mods
Name Image Attack style Weakness Life points Battlecries
Mod Crow's clone Mod Crow's clone Magic Arrow weakness icon Arrows 105,000
  • Raven, may Zamorak have your soul!
  • You cannot kill that which is already dead.
  • Problem, Moltaire? You jelly?
Mod Sabre's clone Mod Sabre's clone Ranged Slash weakness icon Slash 85,000
  • Jb plays RS. Abandon ship.
  • I confirmed on reddit the skill is Ninja Robot Horse Sailing.
Mod Jane's clone Mod Jane's clone Melee Fire weakness icon Fire spells 85,000
  • RAWR!
  • Mod Jane FTW!
Mod Michelle's clone Mod Michelle's clone Melee Fire weakness icon Fire spells 105,000
  • I serve a different overlord now, Raven. DIE!
  • SHOIP!
  • Don't take my kidneys!
Unreleased mods
Name Image Faction
Mod Drebin's clone Mod Drebin's Clone Saradominist
Mod Sushi Pi's clone Mod Sushi Pi's clone Zamorakian


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Divine tearsDivine tears3–20AlwaysNot sold
Sacred metal fragmentsSacred metal fragments1–10UncommonNot sold
Icyenic greathammer headIcyenic greathammer head1Rare[1]Not sold
Icyenic orbIcyenic orb1Rare[1]Not sold
Icyenic bowstaffIcyenic bowstaff1Rare[1]Not sold
Infernal greathammer headInfernal greathammer head1Rare[2]Not sold
Infernal orbInfernal orb1Rare[2]Not sold
Infernal bowstaffInfernal bowstaff1Rare[2]Not sold
Off-white partyhatOff-white partyhat1Rare[3]Not sold
Garish-pink partyhatGarish-pink partyhat1Rare[3]Not sold
Rotten potatoReally rotten potato1Rare[3]Not sold
  1. ^ a b c Only dropped by Zamorakian mods
  2. ^ a b c Only dropped by Saradominist mods
  3. ^ a b c Vanishes upon being picked up

Other appearances

A total of six JMod clones, most of which were previously unreleased, appeared during the 2015 RuneScape Road Trip to provide chits in the Lumbridge crater regularly: Mod Balance's clone, Mod Cuppa's clone, Mod Maz's clone, Mod Moltare's clone, Mod Neena's clone and Mod Raven's clone.

JMod clones also provided the ability to enter games of The Drop whenever they took place, including the Big Cats and Customer Service editions.


  • Mod Sushi Pi's clone and Mod Drebin's clone appear in the bestiary but have yet to actually appear ingame.
  • Mod Moltare's battlecry "Let's settle this like gentlemen" is the same as the one used by the spy class in Team Fortress 2.
  • Mod Rocket's battlecries are a reference to quotes from Pokémon.
  • Mod Michelle's battlecry "don't take my kidneys" is a reference to an animated short called Charlie the Unicorn
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