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Jack (Meeting History) chathead
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Jack was Gielinor's first wizard and the inventor of fire strike. He is the son of Laura and Roger, and has a sister by the name of Sarah.

Past A

In "Past A", Jack is a child playing by a fire pit with a Fire rune and an Air rune.

Jack says he will grow up to be a great druid, and will help the world by making it rain chocolate cakes and strawberry milk.

Past B

In "Past B", Jack is an adult and players find out he is not a druid but a wizard, and the founder of the Wizards' Guild.

He will tell you that he was taught magic by Misalionar, one of the first druids to inhabit Gielinor. Misalionar was a servant of Guthix during the First Age.




Meeting History Jack with Runes
  • When you complete Meeting History and talk to Jack in Past A he says he created Fire Strike.
  • Jack is also the founder of the Wizards' Guild. This is said when you help Jack and go back to talk to him in the Part B section of Time. The inspiration of which he talks of is you (your character) for talking to him in Part A.
  • In the alternate timeline in which the Player was never born (and therefore never inspired Jack to be a good person), Jack grows up to be a psychotic sorcerer druid that terrorises the citizens of Gielinor until his rampage needed to be stopped by Guthix himself, who was forced to kill him. This causes Seren to leave Gielinor with her Elves, and therefore caused Zaros to never arrive, as he was attracted to Gielinor because Seren was on it.[source needed]
  • Although Jack appears to be knocked back while experimenting with his runes his yellow dot on the map does not move.
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