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|value = 0
|value = 0
|destroy = Are you sure you want to destroy this item? You can get a replacement from the loyalty shop in Burthorpe.
|destroy = Are you sure you want to destroy this item? You can get a replacement from the loyalty shop in Burthorpe.
|store = 15,000 (tier 2)<br />30,00 (tier 3)<br />60,000 (tier 4)
|store = 15,000 (tier 2)<br />30,000 (tier 3)<br />60,000 (tier 4)
|currency = [[Loyalty points]]
|currency = [[Loyalty points]]
|seller = Xuan
|seller = Xuan

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Jack of trades is a tier two aura available as part of the Members Loyalty Programme and can be purchased from Xuan in Burthorpe and Varrock for 15,000 Membership Loyalty Points.

It is capable of being activated for three hours and will recharge at 00:00 GMT. Like all the other auras, it is depleted if the player unequips it after activating it. Also, as with all auras, if the account using it is logged out while the aura is activated, the timer will continue to run out.

To claim the reward, you must either wait for the full 3 hours to run out or unequip the aura after gaining exp in the 10 skills for the normal aura, 15 skills for the master aura, or 20 skills for the supreme aura. You may determine if you have gathered experience in an sufficient number of skills while the aura is still equipped by clicking on the "Aura time remaining" option in the Worn Equipment interface. Since 11 April 2012 a message appears in chat after reaching experience in the last necessary skill. The message reappears if you log out then back in.

Warning: If you destroy this aura for whatever reason, when you reclaim it back from Xuan, the timer will be completely reset meaning you have to wait until the 24 hour reset after reclaiming it, before you can actually activate and use it.

This aura was the only class 2 aura in the game from the launch of the Members Loyalty Programme until 22 September 2011 when a new batch of class 2 auras was released. The master and supreme versions were released on 27 January 2014.

The description of this aura reads:

"Get XP in 10 different skills within 3 hours to receive a bonus XP reward, which can be earned by speaking to Xuan. Until you claim your reward, any XP gained in addition to that needed to earn a reward in the first place will not count towards a further reward."

Any amount of XP in any skill, even 1 point, is all that is necessary for that skill (combat or non-combat) to count as completing one of the 10 skills needed to obtain the reward. Experience rewards, however, such as Penguin Points, will NOT count towards the 10 skills.

When the aura depletes, talk to Xuan to receive a reward book. The aura must be depleted to get the reward. If the three hours is not up and the experience in 10 skills has been received (check time remaining to see progress and also to see how many skills in which experience has been gained in during the active period), simply unequip the aura to deplete it.

The reward book is bankable, but attempting to activate the aura while in possession of a reward book fails with the message:

You must claim and use your reward form the Jack of Trades aura before you can gain another.

The experience reward seems to be $ x^2-2x+100 $, where x is the level of the skill on which you use the reward. This is the same experience as turning in a pair of strange rocks.

The experience reward for the Supreme Jack of Trades aura can be calculated by $ 10((x-1)/2)^2+247 $, where x is the level of the skill on which you use the reward.

 template = Template:Shattered heart calc
 form = shf
 result = shr
 param = 1|Skill's Level||int|1-120
Experience calculator
Calculator is loading...
0 Experience Points
Combat Stats
RequirementsAura equipped
NoneAura slot
Unknown edit
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses

Suggested routine

If claiming rewards from Xuan in Varrock market square, there exists a routine that can fulfill the aura's requirements in under 1 minute.

Items needed:


  • Shared XP option turned on for melee
  • Magic XP option turned on for magic
  • A staff of air

Skills needed: 40 Thieving.


  1. Activate Jack of trades.
  2. Thieving Pickpocket a nearby guard.
  3. Strength Attack Defence Constitution Switch to shared XP with any melee weapon and kill the guard.
  4. Magic Equip the staff of air and kill another guard with air spells.
  5. Prayer Bury the guard's bones. (skip if using Bonecrusher)
  6. WoodcuttingFiremakingFletchingCut two logs from a normal tree, then burn one log, and fletch another.
  7. (Alt - With Garden of Tranquility) Pick white fruit from the white tree for farming exp.

All of these steps can be completed just north of Xuan in Varrock market square. Simply remove the aura and you'll get a message to meet Xuan and collect your Tome. It is not necessary to use the Tome immediately, as it is possible to store the Tome in your bank, unlike other XP rewards such as lamps. However you cannot have more than one Tome at once.

A routine for Burthorpe which incurs no combat exp (useful for pures, requires one bucket of water or soft clay).

  1. Activate Jack of trades.
  2. AgilityPerform a lap on the Burthorpe agility course.
  3. MiningTravel South West and mine an ore each of tin, copper and clay.
  4. SmithingCraftingSmelt a bronze bar, make a clay pot.
  5. FishingWoodcuttingFiremaking CookingFletchingTravel further South, catch a crayfish and chop down two trees. Make a fire to cook the crayfish and fletch the spare log.
  6. ThievingSteal from one of the Taverley Market stalls.

Other easy things you can do include: superheating an ore (smithing and magic exp), carving a wooden knot (1 in 5 chance of obtaining if using the dwarven army axe to cut a tree, this gives crafting xp), cleaning a herb (herblore xp), harvesting 1 part of a patch (farming xp), summoning a familiar (summoning xp), or winding a toy mouse and releasing it (Agility xp).

Tasks that don't count

These provide experience in a skill but do not count towards training 10 skills for this aura


  • The name is based on the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none" meaning a person who is somewhat skilled at everything, but not exceptional at any one thing.
  • Prior to a hidden update on 3 December 2013, the Jack of trades aura had a cooldown period of 24 hours from activation.
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