This article is about the player-owned farm animal. For the teaser NPC, see Jackalope (Player-owned farm teaser).
Jackalope (item)

Jackalopes are the shiny breed of rabbits that may be raised on the player-owned farm. It is a random offspring that can be obtained by breeding any two rabbits, or by trading with another player. Sparkling, glistening, and radiant traits of the parent offspring increase the odds to obtain a jackalope. As an item it will appear as one of the normal rabbit variants and will say "Shiny!" on the mouseover only in the inventory or bank as the fourth line below gender and above growth stage, and will only appear as a jackalope when added to a pen after growing older than a bunny (pen)/baby (check animal)/child (inventory/bank).[1]

Gathering produce from it as it grows up will give players rabbit teeth.


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