This article is about the maze east of Shilo Village. For other uses, see Jade (disambiguation).

The depths of the maze.

The jade vine maze was released in October 2007, along with the Back to my Roots quest. It is located just east of Shilo Village. The maze is heavily featured in the Back to my Roots quest, and the follow-up miniquest, Returning Clarence. Access to the maze is unlocked during the Back to my Roots quest, and completion of the quest is required in order to use the eagle transport system to access the maze.


Jade vine maze location.png

Some modes of transportation are:


Jade vine maze map.png

Recommended items



  • The maze has a number of navigational options:
    • Enter hole
    • Enter vine
    • Climb up/down vine
    • Cut/squeeze/crawl through vines - cutting the vines will require a machete
    • Swing-on vine
  • There is an eagle in the jade vine maze, which is part of the eagle transport system from the Eagles' Peak quest. Using a rope on this eagle will unlock this destination.
  • If you fall within the maze (i.e. at the eagle platform, or while swinging the vine), you will stumble upon a hole (which resembles a tree stump) nearby that you can enter. This will take you to another random point within the maze.



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