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For the monster, see Wild jade vine.
Jade vine seed detail

Jade vine seeds are used in the Farming skill to grow the jade vine. They can be sown in the jade vine patch in the Handelmort Mansion. Planting jade vine seeds gives 50 experience.

Once the player checks the health of a fully grown vine, the player has two choices: prune it for Farming experience or leave it alone until it becomes a wild jade vine. Players who decide to grow the jade vine gain 150 Farming experience for pruning. If the player decides to fight it, they will need any type of hatchet to kill it (rune or better is recommended). The player gains 2,500 Slayer experience for defeating a wild jade vine. Growing and killing your own wild jade vine is part of the Hard Ardougne tasks.

Jade vine seeds are obtained after completing the Back to my Roots quest from Horacio, or by growing and then defeating a wild jade vine.

Jade vine seed
Farming level 53
Patch Jade vine
Payment 10 wildblood hops
Time 960 minutes (6x160 minutes)
Seeds per 1 seed
Planting 50
Checking 1,500
Harvesting 5x30 (for pruning)
Crop N/A
Yield[?] N/A
Stage Description Image
Healthy Jade vine plant
1 The jade vine seed has only just been planted. JadeVine1
2 The jade vine grows into a quite small stump. JadeVine2
3 The jade vine stump grows a little larger and sprouts blue flowers. JadeVine3
4 The jade vine sprouts partial red flowers petals behind the blue flowers. JadeVine4
5 The jade vine blue flowers grow spikier, and the plant grows a trailing vine from each flower. JadeVine5
6 The jade vine grows larger and the vines grow longer. JadeVine6
7 The jade vine is ready to be checked. JadeVine7

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Wild jade vine721Always


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