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Jadinko male

Jadinkos are reptile-like plant creatures native to Karamja. Papa Mambo came up with the name "jadinko." They are studied by individuals, such as the druids Astlayrix and Dotmatrix. They live under the Herblore Habitat in their caves, which are magically enhanced by the roots of the Jade Vine. The jadinkos are ruled by a stationary queen, whose job is to lay new eggs, which hatch jadinko babies. These baby jadinkos grow either into jadinko males, whose duty is to please the queen, jadinko guards, who cannot fulfil their job as males and thus are placed on guard to protect queen and babies, or any of the jadinkos which collect fruit and food above the ground and can be caught in the Herblore Habitat. The Queen also lays corrupted eggs, which result in mutated babies. These can be killed by those with a high Slayer level and are capable of not only beating their opponents in melee combat, but they can also use the magic of the vines to snare the opponent and deal some magical damage.

Herblore Habitat


To trap jadinkos, players need a Marasamaw plant. A withered vine can be placed in the marasamaw trap as bait.

Jadinko Image Hunter level Exp. Primary drop Possible 2nd drop
Common jadinko icon Common Common jadinko 70 350 Withered vine Any type of seed
Igneous jadinko icon Igneous Igneous jadinko 74 465 Marble vine Vine bush seeds
Cannibal jadinko icon Cannibal Cannibal jadinko 75 475 Plant teeth Vine bush seeds
Aquatic jadinko icon Aquatic Aquatic jadinko 76 475 Aquatic vine Vine flower seeds
Amphibious jadinko icon Amphibious Amphibious jadinko 77 485 Oily vine Fruit tree seeds
Carrion jadinko icon Carrion Carrion jadinko 78 505 Pungent vine Vine herb seeds
Draconic jadinko icon Draconic Draconic jadinko 80 525 Draconic vine Vine herb seeds
Saradomin jadinko icon Saradomin Saradomin jadinko 81 600 Saradomin vine Any type of seed
Guthix Guthix jadinko 81 600 Guthix vine Any type of seed
Zamorak Zamorak jadinko 81 600 Zamorak vine Any type of seed

The preferences of the god jadinkos change every week and are different for each player. Some god jadinkos also may prefer one of the patches to be completely empty.

God jadinkos may not always be set to the same coloured vines - the colour needed per god jadinko may vary from week to week; the Guthix jadinko may require a red vine growing. Bear this in mind when attempting to achieve the necessary assortment.

If a player catches every non-godly jadinko they can collect an experience reward from Papa Mambo.


To track jadinkos, players need a noose wand.

Jadinko Image Hunter level Exp. Primary drop Possible 2nd drop
Shadow jadinko icon Shadow Shadow jadinko 71 475 Shadow vine Any type of seed
Diseased jadinko icon Diseased Diseased jadinko 78 580.5 Corrupt vine Any type of seed
Camouflaged jadinko icon Camouflaged Camouflaged jadinko 79 600 Striped vine Any type of seed

Jadinko Lair

Mutated jadinkos can be slain and are assigned by Sumona, Duradel/Lapalok, Kuradal and Morvran. The adult ones frequently drop noted herbs and their special drop is the Whip vine, which can be added to an abyssal whip to increase its bonuses (also giving it a new special attack).

Name Image Location in Lair Slayer-icon lvl. req. Combat lvl. Max. hit
Mutated jadinko baby icon Mutated jadinko baby Mutated jadinko baby North-west 80 93 170
Mutated jadinko guard icon Mutated jadinko guard Mutated jadinko guard North-north-east 86 96 279
Mutated jadinko male icon Mutated jadinko male Mutated jadinko male East 91 100 385

2015 Easter event

Several types of Jadinko could be found in the Easter Bunny's burrow during the 2015 Easter event.

Name Image Combat lvl.
Timid jadinko Timid jadinko 14
Tenacious jadinko Tenacious jadinko 42
Stalwart jadinko Stalwart jadinko 70
Brutish jadinko Brutish jadinko 91
Ferocious jadinko Ferocious jadinko 112
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