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Jagex Clan Cup 2011 can no longer be entered.
This competition occurred in the past. This article or section has been retained for historical purposes.
Jagex Clan Cup 2011
Clan cup 2010 plaque
Start date 22 July 2011
End date September 2011
Prize Clan featured on the in-game Clan Cup plaque, custom clan logo, recruitment threads stickied for a month
Description Clan tournament featuring a variety of different competitions

The Jagex Clan Cup 2011 was announced on 20 July 2011, and began on 22 July 2011. Notable changes in Jagex Cup 2011 included allowing multi-clanning in different sub-divisions, rules preventing mass recruiting, prevention of mass name changes, use of default timezone matchup times evolved from the Runescape 5 v 5 Tournament[1], and the removal of buddy skills.

Live memberslist feature was yet again mentioned but absent this year as Jagex Moderators managed the members of signed up clans manually by posting and editing them in a stickied forum thread.


As an improvement with the feedback from Jagex Clan Cup 2010, the requirement based combat sub-divisions were altered to match the three clan recruiting sub-sections on Runescape forums. The following is a direct quote about these changes:

Tweaks to Combat sub-divisions - There will no longer be any P2P or Under/Over 100 Combat divisions. Community, Pure, 20v20 will remain and there will be Under 90, 91-114 and 115+ Combat sub-divisions in line with our recruitment forums. The winner of these recruitment forum divisions will have their thread stuck for an entire month.
— Mod Timbo[2]

Pures subdivision

Due to the lack of interest from Pures clans and only two clans signing up in the pures sub-division, it was removed before the start of competition and the two entrants were moved into the Under 90 Subdivision.

Fansite sponsorship

Jagex added involvement of Platinum, Gold and Silver level fansites in Jagex Clan Cup 2011 by allowing them to sponsor participating clans.


Jagex Cup 2011 came to an end in early September, and the winners were first announced in a forum post on 9 September 2011,[3] and then formally in a newspost on 23 September 2011:

Main cup winners

  • Combat Cup Winners: RuneScape Dinasty
  • Combined Cup Winners: Family Unity Network
  • Skilling Cup Winners: Divination

Subdivision winners

  • Winner of Under 90 Combat: Titans Revolution
  • Winner of 91-114 Combat: Natural Born Killers
  • Winner of Over 115+ Combat: RuneScape Dinasty
  • Winner of Community Clan Subdivision: Titans Revolution
  • Winner of 20v20 F2P: Cheer Up
  • Winner of 20v20 P2P: Wicked Fury


As Citadels were introduced and clan support was enhanced in 2011, Jagex announced more rewards for participating clans, in addition to last year's Clan Cup plaque. These rewards included custom logos for clan capes, vexillums and citadels of winning clans and allowing winners to have their recruitment threads stickied in the respective recruiting sub-forums on the official RuneScape forums for each of the combat sub-divisions.


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