Jambon is a piglet found wandering around the RuneScape mainland, including Asgarnia, Misthalin, Kandarin, and Feldip Hills. Like Bob the Cat, it has an extremely large wander radius. It may be prodded, but players doing so will be given an electric shock similar to the overload animation, causing players to exclaim "Ow! How did that pig give me an electric shock?"

Using a (raw) bacon, bacon stack or bacon pile will cause it to say "Oink!", and the player to say "Why would a pig be pleased that I showed it a piece of bacon?". Using a (raw) bacon heap or bacon mound will cause it to say "Squeal!", and the player to say "Pigs shouldn't be this happy to be shown a huge pile of bacon...".



Jambon's Spawn Location

Jambon's spawn location.

  • "Jambon" is French for "ham".
  • In the French version of the game the pig is named "Porcino", meaning "swine" in Spanish.
  • In the Brazilian version of the game it is named "Defumado", meaning "smoked" in Portuguese.
  • She is based on Mod Michelle, also known as "Jambonium", and her squeals are Michelle's voice.[1][2]
  • Jambon spawns just north-west of the northernmost goblin house; east of the River Lum. Coordinates 2°45'n 25°01'e.


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