Jeffery chathead

Jeffery is a blacksmith who runs the furnace in Edgeville. He allows members who have completed the easy Varrock achievements to use his furnace. His craftsmanship with rings make them sought after romantic gifts.[1]

He has a romantic interest in an unknown person who doesn't reciprocate it.[2] He asked Dororan, a dwarven poet, for advice. However, the advice turned out to be bad and their relationship soured.[3] Dororan offered a love poem in exchange for a ring, which Jeffery accepted in bitterness.[4]


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  2. ^ Dororan, "Gunnar's Ground", RuneScape. "Edgeville's metalsmith, Jeffery, labours like myself under the weight of unrequited love. Perhaps, if you took one of my love poems to Jeffery, he would trade it for a gold ring."
  3. ^ Dororan, "Gunnar's Ground", RuneScape. "Some time ago, Jeffery asked me for advice in acting on his affections. I gave him the best advice that I could. Things didn't work out very well for him. One thing led to another and now he no longer wishes to speak to me."
  4. ^ Jeffery, "Gunnar's Ground", RuneScape. "That cheeky little... He can't just leave it alone, can he? Fine! I'll trade you for the poem. What is it you want?"
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