This article is about the monster. For other uses, see Jellyfish (disambiguation).
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Jellyfish are summoned throughout the fight with Yakamaru.

Killing the jellyfish is recommended, as the team will either be using Deflect Magic/Missiles against Yakamaru. These jellyfish hit very hard with melee and have AoE properties on them, also hitting players next to whoever it is attacking. The only exception is the mirage phase, where it is best to simply bind them, since the mirages have a higher priority than the jellyfish themselves.

When a jellyfish appears, five cracks will also erupt from the floor. If a player stands on the crack when it erupts, it will deal 10,000 damage to the jellyfish and moderately damage the player. Each crack only fits one person, so multiple players cannot stand on one crack to kill the jellyfish instantly. A well timed Resonance can damage the jellyfish while healing the player at the same time.

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