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Jiangshi, also known as the malignant entity, is a spectral being that wanders around the beach of Goshima.

The malignant entity wanders around the coast of Goshima, surrounded by black particles. If players get caught in the black particles, the entity will first drain their running energy, then their prayer points, and finally their life points in that order. The boost from the Oo'glog saltwater spring entirely prevents the entity's drains for its duration. The entity will drain their energy almost immediately, while it takes out chunks of prayer points and life points by 10% of its maximum amount. Players can use Surge or Escape to quickly move out of the affected area. If players die to the entity, it is a safe death, and the player will reappear on the docks of Goshima. The entity will never go onto the docks.


During Final Destination, Captain Cora will tell the player about her past, and how the malignant entity is the Khan of Goshima. The Khan was the last of her royal bloodline, and adopted the young Coraline shortly after she bought her freedom from slavery. Due to this bond of being her only family, Cora became her lieutenant and right hand. When the khan began to pass away, Cora used her necromancy skills to bind her body and spirit in the form of a type of undead called a "jiangshi", which according to Sojobo during Tuai Leit's Own, is similar to the western vampyre except it sucks soul energy instead of blood.

The khan slowly deteriorated from having the ability to make its own choices to being a soul-devouring monstrosity that willingly killed its own civilians and settlers, leaving a wake of fresh corpses strewn across Goshima. The spirit also has a cursing effect that can allow zombies reanimated by its power to infect other beings by sucking soul energy from them, as seen during Eye for an Eye where the Jiangshi-afflicted Jed saps life from Lookout Ekahi.

During the final act of Final Destination, the player will convince Cora to let go of her attachment to the khan and to prevent the rest of The Arc from having a zombie infestation due to the cursing power of Jiangshi. Cora will remove the seal from the khan's face, which allows it to pass on to the afterlife properly. This also cures Ekahi of his affliction and makes Goshima safe to explore after the miniquest is complete.


  • 僵尸 (jiānɡshī, literally "stiff corpse") is the Chinese word for zombie.
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