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Johnathon chathead

Johnathon Fitzharmon is a Mage staying at the Jolly Boar Inn. He is the brother of Caleb and Avan and the son of Dimintheis Fitzharmon. Johnathon plays a role in the Family Crest quest: he was fighting Chronozon, a powerful demon in the Edgeville Dungeon, but began losing the fight and tried to retreat, during which a poison spider bit him, poisoning him. When the player meets him, he will ask for an antipoison to cure himself.

After the player brings him an antipoison, he tells the player that in order to beat Chronozon, the player must cast all four Blast spells at least once. After the quest is complete, he offers to enchant the Family gauntlets into Chaos gauntlets, which increase the maximum damage of all Bolt spells by 30 damage. If the gauntlets are already imbued with another power, Johnathon will ask for 25,000 coins to re-enchant them.




  • He is apparently a friend of Orry, the watcher of the beacon north of the bar.
  • Before you talk to him the first time during the family crest, his examine info reads "A well-dressed nobleman." after it changes to "A well dressed nobleman."
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