Jossik chathead

Jossik is the keeper of the lighthouse west of Rellekka, and the boyfriend of Larrissa. He also runs The Lighthouse Store on the first floor of the lighthouse but players must finish the quest Horror from the Deep to access it.

God Books

After being saved from the sea monsters, Jossik offers players a prayer book which they can fill with their respective pages. Once players have completed their book, they may go back to Jossik and buy a different damaged book for 5,000 coins. If players lose their damaged book, Jossik will return it for free. If players lose a completed book, they may redeem it from Jossik for free as well, with all of its pages intact. This also applies if players have, for example, one page in their book then lose it.

Jossik also gives back books available from elite treasure trails if they are lost.

The General Store

Main article: The Lighthouse Store

After finishing Horror from the Deep a player can trade with Jossik from his general store on the second floor.

Jossik's general store stocks most common items and tools, as well as a wide range of alcoholic drinks and a large stock of vials and water-filled vials, but is not commonly used due to Jossik's inconvenient location far from any banks. Some players sell noted food to the store and buy it un-noted back for killing dagannoths in the lighthouse dungeon.

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