Juju gumbo detail

Juju gumbo is a food that can be made by using a potion from the Herblore Habitat activity. When cooked, this heals 2250 life points immediately with the extra benefit of healing 50 life points a second for 10 seconds, or 500 life points over a 10 second period. This makes the Juju gumbo the fourth highest healing food outside of Daemonheim, with a total of 2750 life points restored, right behind Calorie bomb (sailfish), Fury sharks (if eaten outside of combat) and Great gunkan. A Cooking level of 68 is required to make this item from scratch.

Follow these steps to make juju gumbo:

  1. Use a Juju cooking potion on a baked potato to make a Strange potato (1 XP).
  2. Use a bowl on tuna (with a knife in inventory or on the tool belt) (1 XP).
  3. Use a chopped tuna on cooked sweetcorn (204 XP).
  4. Use the strange potato on the tuna and corn to make juju gumbo (50 XP).

50 cooking experience is awarded for each gumbo.


  • If two gumbos or baron sharks are eaten, the 10 second healing effect will not stack (If two gumbos are eaten in quick succession, the player will only be healed the initial amount of life points plus the 500 over 10 seconds, not the initial amount of life points plus 1000 over 20 seconds or 1000 over 10 seconds).
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