For the vial version, see Juju woodcutting potion.

Juju woodcutting flask detail.png

An juju woodcutting flask is a potion flask originally containing six doses of Juju woodcutting potion. It is created by using juju woodcutting potion on a potion flask.

When consumed, the potion gives a 10% chance per log cut of finding a wood spirit, which, when found, will send any logs cut directly to the bank (among other benefits).

The flask is made by blowing robust glass, requiring 89 Crafting and giving 100 experience. Red sandstone can be mined at Oo'glog and smelted using the robust glass machine also located at Oo'glog.

To decant the potion into the flask, one must have at least 6 doses of juju woodcutting potion in their inventory, as well as one or more potion flasks. Using the flask on the potion will open a menu to decant them. The optimal inventory setup for decanting potions is 17 4-dose potions and 11 flasks.

Once the potion has been partially drunk, no more doses can be added to it. After all six doses have been consumed, the flask will shatter and disappear.

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