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For the non-player character from player-owned ports, see The Memory.
Not to be confused with Kamil.

Kami are Hunter creatures that can be found within the Arc. They may be caught barehanded or in an impling jar. All kami will grant Hunter experience and an item from their drop table when caught. Orokami may also drop tradeable orokami masks.

Sensei Seaworth awards the player with increased loot or experience when player has caught every type of kami as well as a 50,000 Hunter XP lamp. Progress is tracked in the "Kami Spirits of the Arc" pages of the Arc Journal.

When a bakami or orokami spirit spawns, the chance of a certain spirit spawning is listed in the chart below:[source needed]

Bakami and orokami spirit spawn chances
Spirit Chance
Oily 20%
Bundling 20%
Salty 15%
Stalking 15%
Foraging 10%
Ancestral 10%
Murderous 5%
Fortunate 5%


Bakami, "mischievous spirits of sea monsters", are lower-level kami that live on named islands in the Arc. They require 90 Hunter to catch.

Name Jar Experience
Oily bakami Oily bakami Oily bakami jar Oily bakami jar 500
Bundling bakami Bundling bakami Bundling bakami jar Bundling bakami jar 525
Salty bakami Salty bakami Salty bakami jar Salty bakami jar 550
Stalking bakami Stalking bakami Stalking bakami jar Stalking bakami jar 575
Foraging bakami Foraging bakami Foraging bakami jar Foraging bakami jar 600
Ancestral bakami Ancestral bakami Ancestral bakami jar Ancestral bakami jar 625
Murderous bakami Murderous bakami Murderous bakami jar Murderous bakami jar 650
Fortunate bakami Fortunate bakami Fortunate bakami jar Fortunate bakami jar 675


Orokami are higher level kami that may only be found on Uncharted Isles. They require 95 Hunter to catch and have a rare chance to drop orokami masks. One or two orokami can spawn on an island of any size, though it is unknown whether the spawn chance is consistent across all voyages.

Name Jar Experience
Oily orokami Oily orokami Oily orokami jar Oily orokami jar 1000
Bundling orokami Bundling orokami Bundling orokami jar Bundling orokami jar 1050
Salty orokami Salty orokami Salty orokami jar Salty orokami jar 1100
Stalking orokami Stalking orokami Stalking orokami jar Stalking orokami jar 1150
Foraging orokami Foraging orokami Foraging orokami jar Foraging orokami jar 1200
Ancestral orokami Ancestral orokami Ancestral orokami jar Ancestral orokami jar 1250
Murderous orokami Murderous orokami Murderous orokami jar Murderous orokami jar 1300
Fortunate orokami Fortunate orokami Fortunate orokami jar Fortunate orokami jar 1350


  • Kami (神) means "god" and "spirit" in Japanese. They are inspired by kami of the Shinto religion.
    • Baka (馬鹿) means "idiot" and "fool" in Japanese.
    • Oroka (愚か) means "stupid" and "foolish" in Japanese.
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