Kanatah is a village to be found in south eastern Mazcab. It is known to have been destroyed by the Airut because of its proximity to an Airut settlement. Kanatah is also a location of the Supply run minigame which includes carrying supplies to Otot to the north west while dealing with local player safe PvP. It has a Goebie supplier (the banker), and Trinks which sends you off on miniquests.

The inhabitants of Kanatah live a nomadic lifestyle, often retreating to the nearby forest as a result of frequent Airut raids on the settlement. The village was established in response to the Airut conquest of Mazcab.

The village also features in the Call of the Ancestors quest.

Mazcab map

Mazcab map, Kanatah is seen in the lower right corner


  • The name Kanatah is similar to a Saint-Lawrence Iroquoian name: Kanata, meaning "village" or "settlement". This is the same word from which the country of Canada shares its name, and is also the name of a suburb in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.