Karambwan poison is a type of poison that is created from poison karambwan paste. It can only be applied to spears. The poison is discovered during Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, during which a spear must be poisoned and given to Tamayu so that he is able to defeat The Shaikahan. Karambwan poisoned spears are untradeable and can not be equipped, but a cleaning cloth can be used to remove the poison and recover the original item.

Poison karambwan paste has an "apply" option, but it does not have any effect. This means karambwan poison is not possible to use in combat.

Rune spear kp equipped

An equipped rune spear (kp)

Karambwan poisoned spears

Icon Name Examine
Bronze spear (kp) Bronze spear (kp) A Karambwan poisoned bronze tipped spear.
Iron spear (kp) Iron spear (kp) A Karambwan poisoned iron tipped spear.
Steel spear (kp) Steel spear (kp) A Karambwan poisoned steel tipped spear.
Black spear (kp) Black spear (kp) A Karambwan poisoned black tipped spear.
Mithril spear (kp) Mithril spear (kp) A Karambwan poisoned mithril tipped spear.
Adamant spear (kp) Adamant spear (kp) A Karambwan poisoned adamant tipped spear.
Rune spear (kp) Rune spear (kp) A Karambwan poisoned rune tipped spear.
Dragon spear (kp) Dragon spear (kp) A Karambwan poisoned dragon tipped spear.

Historical usage

Prior to the Evolution of Combat, karambwan poisoned spears and hastae could be equipped and used in combat. The poison could not be cured by a standard antipoison potion. It would hit a total of 1170 damage before wearing off. Because the quest requires use of a spear, poisoned hastae can no longer be created at all.

Icon Name Examine
Bronze hasta (kp) Bronze hasta (kp) A karambwan poison-tipped, one-handed bronze hasta.
Iron hasta (kp) Iron hasta (kp) A karambwan poison-tipped, one-handed iron hasta.
Steel hasta (kp) Steel hasta (kp) A karambwan poison-tipped, one-handed steel hasta.
Mithril hasta (kp) Mithril hasta (kp) A karambwan poison-tipped, one-handed mithril hasta
Adamant hasta (kp) Adamant hasta (kp) A karambwan poison-tipped, one-handed adamantite hasta.
Rune hasta (kp) Rune hasta (kp) A karambwan poison-tipped, one-handed rune hasta.
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