Not to be confused with Kharrim.
Karim chathead

Karim is the kebab seller in Al Kharid, located north-west of the palace, between the bank and the furnace. He is involved in some level 1 and 2 clue scrolls, where he gives a challenge. The answer to his challenge is 5.

Karim sells kebabs for 1 coin each. As kebabs heal quite a bit, these may seem like ideal food for anything. The only problem with buying kebabs is that he doesn't have an actual store interface, or a buy x option, so it takes quite a long time to get a considerable amount of kebabs.


  • The mechanics of Karim's shop is close to real life. Karim makes the kebabs on the Kebab Cooker.
  • If the player tries to buy a kebab when their inventory is full, rather than see a chatbox message saying they have no free space they will still 'buy' the kebab. However, the kebab will appear on the floor as if the player has dropped it.
  • Rapid buying of kebab is possible by rapidly pressing 2 and spacebar, and clicking Karim every time you get one kebab.
Karim's kebab shop

Karim in his shop.

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