Katagon ore detail

Katagon ore is a Tier 8 ore that can only be obtained while Dungeoneering. It can either be bought from the Smuggler, received as a monster drop or mined from a Katagon rock, requiring level 70 Mining.

Mining katagon ore grants 117 Mining experience for each ore. A player may receive between 1 and 5 ores from each Katagon rock, or a maximum of 10 with a gatherer ring, after which it is depleted and no further ore can be mined.


Players can smelt katagon ore into a Katagon bar through the Smithing skill by using it on a furnace, granting 51.1 Smithing experience; this requires level 70 Smithing. Katagon bars can then be used on anvils with a hammer to create Katagon equipment.


Katagon ore is the secondary ingredient used in infusing Wise bloodrager pouches, together with a Crimson charm. This grants 325 Summoning experience.

Store locations

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SmugglerDaemonheim35,350Rusty coinsNo
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