Katherine chathead

Katherine is Kimberly's mother. During Kennith's Concerns, she is seen mining a rock together with her husband because they were under the influence of Kennith.

After the quest she can be found in the final chamber underground. If you talk to her she will ask you for unnoted items 'from the surface'. They are all easily obtainable items and as a reward you get 2 noted coal ore per item.

The items that may be requested are listed below:

By equipping leather boots and an iron hatchet, the player may bring 2 spades, hammers, tinderboxes and leather boots, and 3 of each other item, and an extra of the item last requested. This will generally yield 30-36 coal per trip. However, as it takes several minutes to reach Kimberley from the south-east bank in East Ardougne, players may find it more worthwhile to simply mine coal.

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