Keepsake key detail
Keepsake key box detail

The keepsake key (previously Dragon keepsake key) is a consumable virtual currency purchased from Solomon's General Store that converts a wearable item into a cosmetic override. In other words, the player appears to be wearing that equipment no matter what they are wearing, and the appearance conveys no bonuses or benefits whatsoever.[1] The cost per keepsake is reduced significantly when purchasing the 3 or 6 pack. Prior to an update on 6 March 2017 keepsake keys were items. Keepsake keys are now virtual currency displayed in the Wardrobe customisation interface in the upper right corner.

Upon logging back into the game from purchasing a key from Solomon's General Store, the game info displays "You now have 1 Keepsake Key."

Most unlent items equippable in the head, cape, neck, body, legs, gloves, main hand, off-hand, or boots slots can be used with the key as long as the player has the requirements to wear it. Once an item is used on a key, the key disappears, and if the player wishes to replace a slot, they must purchase another key. You must use the item on the key, using the key on the item triggers the "Nothing interesting happens." message.

To activate the cosmetic override, a player must open the equipment interface and select the 'Customisation' option. Under the 'Keepsake Box' category, players can choose the desired cosmetic armour to override their current appearance by highlighting the desired options. A player can switch between equipment wielded, and the cosmetic override does not change or have to be re-established again. A player can also wear nothing, and the cosmetic override still shows; this does not apply to the main or off-hand slot.

Starting on 30 March 2016, six keys were added to the player's bank with a message showing "Thank you for your loyalty! We've added Keepsake Keys (6) to your bank as a token of our appreciation." This was because of the coming changes to the Loyalty Programme Shop and Solomon's General Store. On 3 May 2016, the option to purchase keepsake keys for loyalty points was removed.


Number of Keys Cost (RuneCoins) Effective cost (RuneCoin from Bond) Bonds required
(Actual cost)
Members F2P Members F2P
1 126 140 12,233,947
13,593,275 1 (18,933,490)
3 270
(90 each)
(100 each)
(8,738,534 each)
(9,709,482 each)
2 (37,866,980)
6 396
(66 each)
(73.33 each)
(6,408,258 each)
(7,120,287 each)
3 (56,800,470)

Prior to 3 May 2016, single keepsake keys could be purchased for 16,800 loyalty points.


  • Partially degraded equipment cannot be added to the keepsake box. Items such as a crystal bow or Barrows equipment can only be added in their fully restored state.
  • If players attempt to convert an item they do not have the proper level(s), quests completed, or other requirements to equip, they cannot add the item to the box. Attempting to do so returns with a message stating that the player does not have the requirements to equip the item.
  • As with all cosmetic overrides, keepsake overrides do not display in PvP areas.
  • Members items cannot be put in the keepsake boxes on free worlds. However, members items that have been placed inside the Keepsake Box while in a Members world can still be used in F2P.
  • Items can only be put into the box in safe areas such as banks (excluding Clan Citadel bank), the Crucible, and within Daemonheim. Attempting to do so outside these areas would give a message saying "You cannot use the Keepsake Key here. Please go to one of the safe zones, such as bank areas."
  • Main and off-hand slots are dependent on general equipment type, meaning equipment will be displayed over any weapon of the same combat style and wielding method (i.e. one hand or two hands). For example, a maul or halberd override such as the executioner axe could be displayed while wielding a two-handed sword.
  • Stored items retain none of their original effects; e.g. storing a skillcape will not allow use of the skillcape emote with the override alone. The max and completionist capes, however, will change colours appropriately when stored if the colours are changed with a second cape. Accordingly, degradable items will not degrade when stored.
  • Only one of each item can be stored in a keepsake box. Attempting to store a duplicate item will prompt a message stating this is not allowed.
  • 100 items can be keepsaked simultaneously.
  • Items obtained through Treasure Hunter promotions will be keepsaked as a replica version instead. The actual item will remain in the inventory.

Un-addable items

Attempting to store any of these items will prompt the message "This item cannot be placed in the Keepsake Box."


Players can reclaim the item that was turned into a customisation skin back to one's own inventory; however, the keepsake key remains destroyed and a new key must be acquired to make a new cosmetic override for one slot. To do this, in the 'Customisation' interface, a player would right-click the customisation and choose 'Reclaim-item'. It is not possible to reclaim any Dungeoneering equipment that has been added using a keepsake key.


  • On 14 July 2014, the keepsake box was changed to allow 20 items of any kind, changed from 1 item per slot. On 1 September 2015, the number of keepsake slots was increased to 30. On 28 September 2015, it was increased to 50. On 6 March 2017, it was increased to 100.
  • The quest point cape, master quest cape, max cape, and completionist cape can also be stored in the keepsake key as long as the requirements are met. Using one of these items on the keepsake key gives a warning - "The requirements to wear this item may change with future updates to the game. If it is stored in the Keepsake Box and you fail to meet the requirements to equip it, you are no longer able to activate the override until you meet the requirements once again. It remains in the Keepsake Box regardless of your ability to equip it, until you choose to remove it."
  • Storing an untrimmed skill cape keeps it untrimmed upon achieving a second level 99.
  • The max cape, completionist cape, and other items that use the Skillcape Customiser can be recoloured while in the keepsake box if another of the item is owned; however, the new colours will not take effect until the item used to change the colours has been equipped or the override changed.
  • Keepsaking augmented items used to make a copy of the item without consuming it. This was changed on 1 August 2016 to prevent people from buying an item, augmenting it, keepsaking it and finally selling it back.


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