Keldagrim–Troll Country War
Beginning End
Unknown, early Third Age Beginning of Sixth Age
Primarily subterranean Dwarven Realm and Troll Country, near Keldagrim
Peace treaty between Keldagrim and Barendir trolls
Battle of Barendir
Dwarven Realm, Dwarven Black Guard Troll Country
King Alvis, The Mining Consortium, Supreme Commander Bisi, King Veldaban Pretty Flower, Dwarf Bone, unknown
Unknown, but high Unknown, but high
Concurrent war
Burthorpe - Troll Country War, Red Axe conflicts
Previous war
Next war
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The Keldagrim–Troll Country War is an onging conflict between the two nations from which its name is derived. The war began in the early Third Age, roughly 6,000 years ago, when a dwarven tribe fled beneath the mountain range east of the Fremennik Province.

The trolls, in response, launched an aggressive war against dwarven kind. Since then, many small battles have occurred and thousands have lost their lives on both sides. The only conflict that has been referenced by name thus far is the Battle of Barendir.

During the Sixth Age, Veldaban, who had been crowned king to keep Hreidmar from taking the throne, decided to negotiate with the trolls. Both the dwarves and trolls worked together to fight the Red Axe. After the Red Axe was defeated, the treaty was upheld; while both sides were still distrustful of each other, they agreed to keep the peace.

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