Keldagrim entrance mining site
Keldagrim entrance mining area
Release date Unknown edit
Also known as Keldagrim entrance mine, Fremennik Province mine
Location South of Keldagrim Entrance
Members Yes
Rocks 9 Iron rocks
2 Mithril rocks
Monsters None
Requirements None
Main music Unknown edit
FremProvMine location

The Keldagrim entrance mining site, also known as the Fremennik Province mine, is located east of Rellekka near the lodestone. It has nine iron rocks and two mithril rocks. The mine is quite far from a bank, with the nearest ones being in Keldagrim via a cave to the north, and Zanaris via the fairy ring on the snowy hill to the north-east. Players who have completed the Easy Fremennik Province Tasks can also ask Peer the Seer to deposit their ores for them. This mine is rarely used, making it a good spot for players who do not want competition.

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