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This is the quick guide for Kennith's Concerns.
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Start pointQuest map icon
Quest icon 5th age
Kennith's house in Witchaven
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Official lengthMedium to Long
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None
Enemies to defeat
  • None

Return of the slugs?

  • Talk to Kennith in the house west of the church in Witchaven (Fairy ring BLR and run south). (Chat )
  • Climb down the Old ruin entrance to the west.
  • Enter the wall opening on the eastern wall in the first room.
  • Navigate through the tunnel. Take the agility shortcut near the entrance if you have the level for it.
  • Climb over the rocks and talk to one of the villagers.
  • Climb back over the rocks and a cutscene will occur.
  • Talk to Kennith again.
  • Talk to Kennith's parents, Kent and Caroline, east of the church.
  • Travel north to the entrance of the Legend's Guild and talk to Kent.
  • Travel back to Witchaven and talk to Kimberly in the northernmost house next to Jeb and Holgart. (Chat 1)
  • After the cutscene, run around the house to get all four villagers to follow you.
  • Trap the villagers inside the church.
  • Talk to Kimberly again (Chat 2) and follow her to Kennith's house.
  • Talk to Kimberly.
  • After the cutscene, get the villagers to follow you and trap them in the church, again.
  • Talk to Kimberly again (Chat 2), then follow her to Ezekial Lovecraft's house.
  • Talk to Kimberly.
  • Talk to Kimberly again.
  • Head back to the Old ruin entrance, through the wall opening, over the rocks.
  • Talk to Ezekial Lovecraft, then talk to one of the villagers.
  • Once through the dark entrance, talk to Ezekial again.
  • Go through the wooden door.

First room

  • When the three minecart villagers turn their back to you, run south to the southern wall and hide there.
  • Wait for the southern villager to face the barrel, then run past him to the three nooks in the eastern wall. Hide inside these nooks to remain undetected.
  • While the northern and southern villagers have their backs turned, prospect the wall until you find a crack. Mine the wall, then enter the hole.
  • Run to the other side of the tunnel and pull the lever.
  • Run back to the eastern side of the tunnel and open the wooden door.
  • Speak with Kent and Caroline.

Second room

  • Try to open the door, then talk to Ezekial.
  • A quick method to complete this room is as follows. Each step takes place as soon as the villagers start moving toward the centre column.
    • When the villagers turn their back, immediately mine the north-western rubium and put it in the north-western vent, then hide behind the north-western wall where you started.
    • Mine the north-eastern rubium and hide behind the north-eastern wall.
    • Place the rubium in the north-eastern vent, then hide behind the north-eastern wall and mine the eastern rubium.
    • Place the rubium in the south vent and click the south minecart to crouch behind it. You'll need to be quick. A safer method is to split this step into two steps- first, hide behind the southern minecart. Wait, then place the rubium in the vent and run to the south-western wall.
    • Mine the south-western rubium and place it in the south-western vent. The villagers will now pass out.

Third room

  • Talk to Ezekial.
  • A quick way to proceed to the next room is as follows:
    • As soon as the western villagers turn their back, go the middle of the room and break through the rock. Hide in the middle.
    • Wait for the north-eastern villager to make his way around to the south-eastern corner of the pillar. Mine at least two rubium here.
    • When the door villager turns to face the door, run past him to the south and drop the rubium in the south-eastern vent. Mine one or two rubium on the south-eastern wall.
    • Wait for the door villager to face the door again, then run back to the middle and hide.
    • When the south-western villagers turn their back, run to the east vent and drop the rubium in, then quickly to the north vent and drop it in there. Hide behind the north wall.
    • When the south-western villagers turn south again, run and place the last rubium in the south vent. They should all pass out now.

The new menace

  • Talk to Katherine or Clive.
  • Backtrack through the rooms to the tunnel with tracks. Go through the metal door.
  • Talk to Kennith.
  • After the cutscene, talk to Kimberly to find the location of the toy train. It can be in any of the following locations:
    • Near Ezekial's house, outside of the north door to the east.
    • Outside his house, on the north side beside the fishing net.
    • Near the pillar outside Mayor Hobb's house (which is on the west side).
    • By the water (south of the town).
    • South of the house with the well.
  • Return to Witchaven and find the toy train. It will be on the ground, but there will not be a red dot on the minimap.
  • Return to the room with Kennith and use the toy train on him.
  • Quest complete!


Kennith's Concerns reward
Additional rewards/activities

If you talk to the parents of Kimberly, they are at the end of the cave (where you found them mining in the quest), they will ask you to fetch an item from the surface. The items that may be requested are listed below:

The player will receive 2 noted coal in exchange for the item. The requested item cannot be noted. By equipping leather boots and an iron hatchet, the player may bring 2 spades, hammers, tinderboxes and leather boots, and 3 of each other item, and an extra of the item last requested. This will generally yield 30-36 coal per trip. However, as it takes several minutes to reach Kimberly from the south-east bank in Ardougne, players may find it more worthwhile to simply mine coal.

Music unlocked
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