Kethsian anvil
Kethsi unusual anvil
Release date 14 September 2011 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest Ritual of the Mahjarrat
Location Kethsi on the Isle of Sann, Mount Firewake
Examine I may be able to make Kethsian items on it.
Kethsi map

Kethsian anvils are tempered anvils capable of smithing projectiles made of bane ore which have been tuned and smelted. They can be found on the Isle of Sann and Mount Firewake in Kethsi. The anvil on the Isle of Sann anvil can be accessed during and after Ritual of the Mahjarrat using the fairy ring codes DIR followed by AKS. It can be found (from the fairy ring) after going up the ramp, jumping across the space to the west, then crossing the fallen spire. The anvil should be on that particular section of floor.

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