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The Kharid-ib, which loosely translates to "The Heart of the Sun", is a large diamond which is first in the possession of the Emir Shah's treasure vault in Al Kharid palace. It contains part of Tumeken's essence, which he uses to communicate.

During the Desert quest series, Lady Keli seeks the Kharid-ib and attempts to get it as ransom by kidnapping Prince Ali. In Stolen Hearts, Ozan attempts to steal the diamond, with the help of the player, in order to help rescue the prince but the two are caught in the act.
Het scales

The guarding mechanism of the diamond.

Later, in Diamond in the Rough, Osman reveals that the Kharid-ib on display in the palace vault is in fact a fake. He hints that the real Kharid-ib is hidden within the heavy weight the player uses on the Scale of Het that protects the fake diamond on display. The Kharid-ib will emit a high pitched tone when it is near the presence of a sundial of Het, Crondis, Apmeken, and Scabaras.

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The diamond speaking through Apep and Heru.

Several times when Ozan and the adventurer have the gem, Tumeken temporarily takes control of other people, and implores the two to return the gem to Al Kharid. Those through which the Kharid-ib speaks have no memory of ever being controlled.

Amascut's dialogue in Diamond in the Rough states that she feels she's been searching for this all her life, noting it is small, hard, and cold.

In a letter found in the Empty Throne Room, it is revealed that the Kharid-Ib was in the possession of the Mahjarrat Temekel until stolen by Bilrach and Lucien during a skirmish. It also has the power to resurrect the dead as zombies.

It shows up again in the final cutscene after completing 'Phite Club. It is seen hovering above the Soul Altar surrounded by Amascut, Jabari and two thralls. The jewel glows and apparently briefly possesses Jabari and the two thralls to speak to Amascut. Speaking through Jabari and the thralls, Tumeken urges his daughter Amascut to let go of her anger and abandon her plans. Amascut angrily expresses her intent to "devour your heart, and with it the last remnant of your existence!" Tumeken again pleads with her, expressing concern for her well-being. Further infuriated, she screams, "I AM NOT YOUR DAUGHTER!", ending the cutscene.

When asked in a Lore Campfire "What exactly is the Kharid-Ib?" Mod Osborne replied: "Mod Rowley would hate it if I revealed this. It's important. Very important."[source needed], and it was later stated to not be an elder artefact.[1]


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