Kharid scorpions are a rare species of scorpion native to the Kharidian Desert. They play a prominent role in the Scorpion Catcher quest, during which players must capture three that escaped from the wizard Thormac. One roams freely on the second floor of the Monastery, apparently unhindered by its holy protective power of Saradomin. Another can be found in the beginning of the Taverley Dungeon. And the final one is found in the Barbarian Agility Arena. None of these scorpions are attackable. If players attempt to pick them up, they will suffer 3 hitpoints damage and WILL KILL YOU if you have 3 hp or less when you attempt to pick them up. The attacks of the scorpions are not poisonous, though incapable of being blocked by any of the Protection Prayers, not even the Protect from Melee Prayer.


    • For something that comes from Al-Kharid, none of these scorpions are found in Al-Kharid.
    • One has also been seen in the Edgeville Monastery
    • players used this scorpion for the "scorp" trick where players deal damage to one another and then go to the monastery and die at the same time.

while risking 76king.

  • After Jagex found about this "scorp" trick, they made the scorpion "back away slowly" if you try to grab it. When the Anti-76king update came out the scorpion began to deal damage once more.
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