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Kharidian–Zarosian War
Beginning End
Early Second Age Mid Second Age
Kharidian Lands, south-eastern Forinthry
Phyrric Menaphite victory; Mahjarrat switching allegiance to Zaros; destruction of Kharidian Empire; warping of Amascut (collateral)
Kharidian Gods, Menaphite armies and mercenaries, Mahjarrat Army of Zaros
Tumeken, Elidinis, Icthlarin, Amascut, Osmumten Duke Ceres, Zaros
All All but a few dozen
Concurrent war
Previous war
Next war
Kharidian Desert Campaign
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The Kharidian–Zarosian War[1] was a series of major battle in the northern Kharidian Lands in the Second Age. The forces of Zaros, the god of fate and control, had been expanding his empire of Forinthry and attempted to invade the Kharidian lands, which were ruled over by a group of gods called the Menaphite Pantheon.

To cope with the many attacks, all the troops of the Kharidian cities were dispensed to fight, and many mercenaries, such as Gram Kobold, who kept a diary on the war, were hired as well. Initially, the Zarosians were on the winning hand, quickly conquering terrain on the Menaphites. Icthlarin, Menaphite god of the dead, left the planet to seek help elsewhere, and eventually arrived to the war-ridden plane of Freneskae. There, he convinced the extremely powerful race of the Mahjarrat to swear allegiance to him and vanquish the Zarosian armies, at the promise of large battle and combat. He took all of the Mahjarrat with him to Gielinor,[2] where they arrived through a large rift in the midst of battle.[3]

With the Mahjarrat's aid, Icthlarin was able to gradually drive back the Zarosian troops until a decisive battle at the northern cliffs signalled the end of the war.


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