Kharidian Desert Campaign
What remains of Uzer, a prosperous city destroyed during the campaign
Beginning End
Approx. 3,000, Third Age Approx. 4,000, Third Age
Kharidian Desert
Major Zamorakian victories;
temporary expansion of Morytania into the desert;
death of the elder demon Thammaron;
destruction of Uzer and Ullek
Battle of Uzer, Battle of Ullek
Zamorakian forces; demons and Elder Demonn forces. Saradominists; Menaphite Pantheon; golems and human forces
Thammaron, Balfrug Kreeyath, Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan Menaphite Pantheon, Pharaoh of Menaphos
High, death of Thammaron and annihilation of his entire army Extremely high
Concurrent war
Gielinorian God Wars
Previous war
Kharidian - Zarosian War
Next war
Amascut conflicts
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The Kharidian Desert Campaign is an unofficial name given to a prolonged period of battles and skirmishes that occurred during the late Third Age as part of the cataclysmic God Wars. The Campaign was amongst the most violent and devastating of the God Wars, and saw some of the most intense conflict of the period.

Unlike the rest of Gielinor, the Kharidian Desert managed to avoid most conflict during the first 3,000 Years of the God Wars. It was only during the last thousand years of the Wars that primarily Saradominist and Zamorakian military forces began to invade the region searching new land and resources. Although the forces that entered the region initially focused mainly on fighting each other, the native Menaphite people were often slain in the battles and eventually became the direct target of mainly Zamorakian hostilities.

The Campaign saw a massive decline of the Menaphite civilisation and further destabalization of the Menaphite Pantheon. Virtually all existing Menaphite civilisation was wiped out during the Campaign, including ancient cities such as Uzer and Ullek. However, Sophanem and Menaphos managed to survive the wars and so did Nardah which was established during the campaign.

  • Northern Kharidian Desert Campaign: Zamorak's united forces raze the north of the desert, before splitting up and marching both south and east.
  • Battle of Uzer: The Elder Demon Thammaron's forces attack the city of Uzer, but are ultimately defeated when Thammaron falls to the attacks of a Golem and the remainder of the army is hunted down by the Mahjarrat Azzanadra
  • Battle of Ullek: Demon Balfrug Kreeyath assaults Ullek, the most prosperous city in the southern desert and razes it to the ground.
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