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Khoochak is a parrot found in the Al Kharid palace.  He can be found on the ground floor next to the emir's throne.

After completion of Stolen Hearts, Khoochak will retell any desert adventures the player has had to them. Any quest that takes place in Al Kharid or any other desert location also falls into this category. Khoochak retells stories in a manner that is extremely shortened, simply highlighting the most important parts of the quest. You must speak to him to complete an achievement in the Easy Desert Task Set.



  • Taking 5 steps toward the door after standing in front of Khoochak will cause him to make a humorous joke at the player as they exit. Getting within 4 steps of Khoochak (walking towards him) will cause a similar reaction.
  • He uses an incorrect Pronunciation of Mahjarrat in the Enakhra's Lament story.
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