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*After completing the quest, the RuneMetrics Activity log reads "TBD" and names the quest 'Barrows Sister'.
*After completing the quest, the RuneMetrics Activity log reads "TBD" and names the quest 'Barrows Sister'.
*The trials in the quest seem to be a reference to the saw movies
*The trials in the quest seem to be a reference to the Saw movie series.
*Meg does not return to her investigation desk after the quest.
*Meg does not return to her investigation desk after the quest.

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Kindred Spirits is the second quest that was released as part of Sliske's Countdown.[1] Focussing on the Barrows brothers, the player must search for a way to break Sliske's hold on the siblings.

While working on the quest Jagex asked players' opinions on making Hero's Welcome a requirement for the quest and on adding God Boxheads as a cosmetic reward for completing the quest.[2] Following player feedback Jagex decided not to go ahead with creating God Boxheads, and Hero's Welcome was removed as a requirement following changes to the quest's design in development.[3]


Start pointQuest map icon.png
Kindred Spirits icon.png
Speak to Linza at the smithy in Burthorpe.
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyExperienced Experienced
Official lengthMedium
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest.png Quests:
  • Completed Part 7 ("Unknown") of the Robber from the Darkness case series from Meg's cases while event is active
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None
Enemies to defeat
  • None

Mysterious disappearances

Linza chathead.png

Speaking to Relomia in Draynor Village

To start the quest, speak to Linza who is found outside the Burthorpe mine. She will explain that Meg, Major Mary Rancour and Brother Samwell have gone missing. She suggests to speak to Relomia at Draynor Village.

Teleport to Draynor Village and speak with Relomia. Relomia will tell you that Sliske has also gone missing and tells you that he is being held at a Dragonkin prison near Daemonheim. Go to Daemonheim and go south, where a trapdoor will be seen. Open the trapdoor and go inside; a short cutscene occurs where the two of you are captured by the Dragonkin.

Before entering the prison, you may want to grab 10-15 pieces of high level food. But also make sure you have 6 free inventory spaces.

Prison escape

Punching Sliske.

After the cutscene, you will find yourself in a cell near Sliske. Talk to him, and he will explain the Dragonkin are becoming more dangerous. After talking with him, interact with the Dragonkin guard outside; it will ignore you. Talk to Sliske again (any option works); after talking to him, interact with the guard. You will attempt to grab the keys while the guard is giving you food, but you will be unable to. Use the food on the latrine. You will notice that it reacts with whatever is down there, and you need to get it out.

Use the empty plate on a loose brick in your cell, and you will obtain two plate halves and a brick. Use the brick on one of the halves to get a blade, then use the blade on the bed to get some scraps of cloth. Then use the cloth on the brick to create a ludicrous flail, and give it to Sliske. Sliske will grab the potion on the nearby shelf, resulting in the guard going into Sliske's cell and beating him up.

Pickpocket the guard while he is beating up Sliske. Use the potion on the latrine. Ask Sliske for another piece of cloth and use it with the empty potion (using the Bag of Crystals also), then use it on the latrine to retrieve the potion. Talk to Sliske, then use the acid on the cell door. Open Sliske's door. He will then reveal that this was simply a ruse, telling you that the dragonkin guard is "actually a wight" in an elaborate disguise.

The games

Sliske kills Brother Samwell.

After Sliske reveals his ruse, leave the prison. Sliske tells you that he is playing a game and will award you with the Staff of Armadyl if you win. He then kills Brother Samwell to threaten the player into participating before you are taken to the first room.


Dharok killing Saradominist crusaders.

Enter the fighting pit and speak to Dharok. Dharok tells you that he wants to get out of the pit, because he wants to stop fighting. To get through, tell Dharok to stop fighting and allow the Saradomin crusaders to kill him. Once this is done, Dharok will die to the crusaders. He realizes his actions and now freed, asks you to save his brother Ahrim.


Ahrim is put in a maze and the player controls him. To help Ahrim, he must be led to the center of the maze for a "reward" by Sliske. From time to time while traversing the maze, there will be blue pits in the ground. When Ahrim steps on these, Sliske tells you that Ahrim must move in one of the two directions. One of them will bathe Ahrim in blue flames, while the other will bathe Meg, Linza or Rancour in them. It does not matter which way Ahrim goes, although if you want to bathe Ahrim in the flames, you must make a compelling argument to him or he will go the other way.

If the area is left by any means, it will be completely reset when returning.

File:Kindred Spirits maze.png

A map of the maze.

The correct options are:

  • First choice
    • I think Ahrim should go left.
    • You'd let someone else get hurt?
    • That's no reason to hurt somebody else.
  • Second choice
    • I think Ahrim should be hurt.
    • Then suffer so it won't be as bad later.
    • Don't prove Sliske right Ahrim.
  • Third choice
    • I think Ahrim should be hurt.
    • It's more practical to hurt you.
    • Sliske won't kill you, he wants you at the end.
  • Fourth choice
    • I think Ahrim should be hurt.
    • Going west gets it over faster.
    • It's the hesitation that makes it worse.
    • So make there be only one choice - you.
  • Fifth choice
    • I think Ahrim should be hurt.
    • Don't be weak Ahrim.
    • Then fight Ahrim.
    • You'll remember it as a moment of weakness.
    • You are Saradomin's holy warrior.
  • Sixth choice
    • I think Ahrim should be hurt.
    • You're pathetic Ahrim.
    • A disappointment
    • ...knows hes strong enough to continue
    • Saradomin's greatest soldier.

The end of the maze.

Once Ahrim reaches the centre, he will put a druidess and Guthan inside. You can either allow the two brothers to argue or try to break the conversation up. If you did not bathe Ahrim in all the flames, Ahrim will kill the druidess. Regardless of your choice, Ahrim's games are finished and you will need to help Verac.


Taking the Saradomin key from Verac.

Upon entering, you will see Verac being "pulled" apart by statues of Saradomin and Zamorak respectively. You are tasked with breaking Verac from his chains and freeing him. Verac will request for you to release the statue of Zamorak by having Linza, Meg or Rancour use the key maker to create the Zamorak key.

The Zamorak key will always break when used on the Zamorak statue. Instead, rip the Saradomin key out of Verac and use it on the Saradomin statue, collapsing it and revealing a second room. You will automatically enter the room, where you will enter Sliske's laboratory.


Sliske talks to an unknown character.

Immediately grab the four books lying around the laboratory, and inspect the globe hanging from the ceiling (orrery) to start a cutscene. Once all five of Sliske's secrets are unlocked, interact with the shadow focus.

The games continue

After the shadow focus is interacted with, you will see Linza, Rancour and Meg with the remaining three brothers. Sliske tells them that Guthan is the "balance" for them; if he falls one way, he will save Torag and Karil, while if he falls in the other, he will save a former commander Guthan unintentionally killed in a drunken stupor, Commander Jaycliff.

Go through all dialogue options until you get the notification for Meg to impersonate you. After her impersonation, Sliske will become angry and enter the room.

A short cutscene will occur where Sliske drains some of the player's soul with the Staff of Armadyl before brutally pummelling the player, up close and personal. After the cutscene ends, Sliske will explain that Linza and Relomia worked together for this plot, much to the player, Meg and Rancour's shock. Sliske further explains that Linza had stolen the knowledge of dragon smithing and their ore, so Linza went to Sliske to bargain a deal for protection. Sliske then betrays Linza, and turns her into one of his wights.


After Linza's deception, the player must escape with Rancour and Meg from the tunnels. The player has 120 seconds to escape while rocks fall on their head. Players will want to bring food here, as dying here is an unsafe death. It is highly advised to have Freedom and Anticipate on the ability bar, as rocks can stun the player for up to 10 seconds in addition to dealing quite some damage.

Once the player escapes with Meg and Rancour, they will return to their normal duties. Speak with Dharok, who is on top of Karil's mound. Dharok tells the player that whatever they did, they have some slight freedom from Sliske's control. He also tells you that Sliske's control over Linza is slightly weaker, most likely due to the recent events. Before returning to his crypt, he tells you that the brothers will pretend that Sliske has complete control over them and will help the player out at the right time.

Should you die in the tunnels, simply return to the trapdoor entrance in Daemonheim.

Congratulations! Quest complete!


If a player had full inventory when speaking to Dharok, claiming the lamps can be claimed by speaking to Major Mary Rancour in Burthorpe.

Music unlocked


  • After completing the quest, the RuneMetrics Activity log reads "TBD" and names the quest 'Barrows Sister'.
  • The trials in the quest seem to be a reference to the Saw movie series.
  • Meg does not return to her investigation desk after the quest.



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