King Black Dragonling
King Black Dragonling pet
King Black Dragonling
Release date 5 January 2015 (Update)
Members No
Race Dragon
Source King black dragon scale
Interface Yes
Category Boss
99 Summoning
Food None
Colour variations 1
Examine Was never the biggest, meanest dragon around.
King Black Dragonling chathead

The King Black Dragonling is a miniature version of the King Black Dragon that can be unlocked as a pet from a King black dragon scale, which is obtained as a drop from killing the King Black Dragon. The chances of obtaining the item increases with the number of kills recorded in the beasts tab (explanation of drop mechanics). After the item is used, King Black Dragonling can be summoned from the pets tab in the hero interface. 99 Summoning is a requirement for this pet, however it is not required to obtain the King black dragon scale as a drop.


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