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King Thoros Ardignas is the sixth and current king of Kandarin, succeeding his cousin Lathas after his death following the Ardougne Revolution in the first year of the Sixth Age.[1] His instalment as king by the Royal Army of Ardougne was rather unexpected - as a result he is very busy, suddenly being responsible for an entire kingdom.[2]

After the Elven Civil War, King Thoros allowed the Tyras Camp to remain open as a human settlement after consulting the Prifddinas Elders. Troops from the outpost are rotated between Ardougne and the encampment.[3]

He has been said to be as bad as King Lathas, as shouted by the men when they throw tomatoes at the recruiter for the Royal Army of Ardougne and Farmer Brumty. This may in reality not be the case however. Thoros has succeeded in improving relations with the elves despite the nearly disastrous actions of his predecessor.


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  • Thoros is the first known King of Kandarin whose name does not end with -as.
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King Lathas King of Kandarin Incumbent


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