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|1 [[Uncut onyx]]
|1 [[Uncut onyx]]
|{{coins|{{GEPrice|Uncut onyx|n}}*1}}
|{{coins|{{GEPrice|Onyx|n}}*1-{{GEPrice|Kingly impling jar|n}}}}
|{{coins|{{GEPrice|Uncut onyx|n}}*1-{{GEPrice|Kingly impling jar|n}}}}
|10 [[Rune bar]] (noted)
|10 [[Rune bar]] (noted)

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The Kingly impling jar is the result of successfully catching a Kingly impling (91 Hunter), the rarest and hardest to catch impling in Impetuous Impulses.

As can be done with all Impling jars, the Kingly impling jar can be traded in singularly to Elnock Inquisitor for three empty impling jars. This is not recommended, as Kingly impling jars are worth much more than the empty jars.

The only way to get Royal clothing is to loot this or buying from The Grand Exchange.


Looting a Kingly impling jar can result in getting any of these items. You should be very careful in buying these, as you are almost guaranteed to lose money. This can be seen to be balanced, however, with the chance to make a very large profit when obtaining an uncut onyx.

Item Price Profit (if buying then looting jars)[1][2]
Royal crown 67,063 -141,808
Royal sceptre 58,856 -150,015
Royal leggings 58,482 -150,389
Royal shirt 104,645 -104,226
Royal amulet 57,849 -151,022
233-319 Dragon darts 31,455 to 43,065 -177,416 to -165,806
1-2 Dragon longswords (noted) 57,555 to 115,110 -151,316 to -93,761
40-144 Dragon arrows 9,560 -199,311
64-148 Dragon arrowtips Script error to Script error Script error to Script error
24-34 Uncut diamond (noted) 61,944 to 87,754 -146,927 to -121,117
3-11 Amulets of glory (noted) 134,167 -172,280 to -74,704
15 Uncut dragonstone (noted) 179,370 -29,501
6 Dragonstone (noted) 49,632 -159,239
1-63 Onyx bolts 7,763 to 458,017 -201,108 to 249,146
1 Uncut onyx 1,482,913 1,274,042
10 Rune bar (noted) 21,590 -187,281
2 Crystal key (noted) 50,872 -157,999
Dragon spear 36,482 -172,389
Shield left half 63,849 -145,022
Dragon 2h sword 135,089 -73,782
3 Dragonstone Amulets Script error Script error


  • On the day of release, F2P players could buy both Kingly impling jars and royal crowns in the Grand Exchange. A quick system update rectified this.
  • Interestingly, the "Destroy" option of the jar drops the jar on the ground like a normal item. This is unique to the kingly impling jar, as other implings' destroy options prompt the normal confirmation screen.
  • Some say the reason for the sudden crash of Kingly Implings is due to the large amount of new hunters looking to make money, others say the new resource dungeon was the source of the crash, which caused a panic before its nerf. However, the most plausible reason for the sudden decline in the price of Kingly Implings is thanks to botters targeting the Impetuous Impulses minigame.
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