Kingly impling jar detail

The kingly impling jar is the result of successfully catching a kingly impling (91 Hunter), the second rarest and hardest to catch impling in Impetuous Impulses. Royal clothing loot is unique to this type of impling.

As can be done with all impling jars, the kingly impling jar can be traded in singularly to Elnock Inquisitor for three empty impling jars. This is strongly discouraged, as kingly impling jars are worth significantly more than the empty jars. Selling this jar on the Grand Exchange will make a profit of 211,631. Trading this jar to Elnock for 3 empty jars and selling the empty jars on the Grand Exchange will give a loss of -210,847.

If a player attempts to cast analyse or disassemble on this item, they will get the message You monster! You can't disassemble a living thing.


When catching a kingly impling without an empty impling jar, players receive the loot instead of obtaining the kingly impling jar. Looting a kingly impling jar can result in getting any of items below. Profit is rarely made by looting these impling jars. The chance of getting an uncut onyx (one of the few loots worth more than the jar) is roughly 1/1000 and the average loss is about 250,000 coins per jar. It is possible to receive a Triskellion key piece when looting.

Item Price Profit (if buying then looting jars)[1]
Royal crown 68,433 -143,590
Royal sceptre 59,339 -152,684
Royal leggings 58,482 -153,541
Royal shirt 105,000 -107,023
Royal amulet 57,849 -154,174
186-319 dragon darts 27,727 to 37,961 -184,296 to -174,062
1-2 dragon longswords (noted) 57,760 to 115,520 -154,263 to -96,503
40-144 dragon arrows 9,520 -202,503
64-148 dragon arrowheads 20,352 to 41,022 -191,671 to -171,001
62-70 dragon bolt tips 12,152 to 13,720 -199,871 to -198,303
48 dragon bolts 17,088 -194,935 to -194,935
19-34 uncut diamonds (noted) 57,840 to 81,940 -154,183 to -130,083
3 amulets of glory (noted) 31,320 -180,703
15 uncut dragonstones (noted) 179,775 -32,248
6 dragonstones (noted) 47,814 -164,209
1-64 onyx bolts 7,782 to 459,138 -204,241 to 247,115
60 onyx bolt tips 456,780 244,757
10 rune bars (noted) 20,120 -191,903
2 crystal keys (noted) 51,246 -160,777
Dragon spear 36,374 -175,649
Shield left half 64,175 -147,848
Dragon 2h sword 131,672 -80,351
3 dragonstone amulets 30,255 -181,768
Uncut onyx 1,293,117 1,081,094
  1. ^ Ignores selling impling jars.


  • On the day of release, F2P players could buy both kingly impling jars and royal crowns in the Grand Exchange. A quick system update rectified this.
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