Not to be confused with Kepple.
Kipple chathead

Kipple (short for Kinaesthetic Investigation Programmable Personality Lifeform Emulator) is a golem found during Heart of Stone, who is used by various wizards to perform tasks. He helps you and Ariane track down Xenia by following the magical trace of her teleports. Kipple first needs your help to attune him to Xenia's teleports by fixing the Runic Frequency Modulator.

During the final battle with the Prehistoric abyssal, Kipple sacrifices himself for the adventurer's safety and is destroyed. However, Ariane is able to find his heart, which gives him his personality, and rebuilds him smaller as Kipple Nano, a pet.

He was meant to help Wizard Triharde with organising his bookshelf and Wizard Finix with mowing his lawn after helping Ariane.

Heart of Stone golem concept art

Kipple's concept art

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