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Knife detail

A knife is a tool used for a variety of tasks, such as cutting logs for the Fletching skill and slicing various fruits for the Cooking skill. It can be stored on the tool belt.


Uses for knives are as follows:

Spawn points

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Aemad's Adventuring SuppliesEast Ardougne25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Ali's Discount WaresAl Kharid25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Alison Elmshaper's Flying Arrow Fletching ShopTaverley25Coins 25Coins 10No
Ardougne Spice StallEast Ardougne25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Arhein's StoreCatherby25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Arnold's Eclectic SuppliesPiscatoris Fishing Colony25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Bandit BargainsBandit Camp (Kharidian Desert)25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Bedabin Village BarteringBedabin Camp25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Crafting SuppliesPrifddinas25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Dal's General Ogre SuppliesGu'Tanoth25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Funch's Fine GroceriesGrand Tree25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
General Store (Canifis)Canifis25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
General Store (Monkey colony)Monkey colony25Coins 25Coins 3Yes
Gift ShopOo'glog25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Grand Tree GroceriesGrand Tree12Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Jiminua's Jungle StoreKaramja25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Khazard General StorePort Khazard25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
The Lighthouse StoreLighthouse16Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Lletya General StoreLletya25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Martin Thwait's Lost and FoundRogues' Den25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Neitiznot SuppliesNeitiznot25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Polypore Dungeon SuppliesPolypore Dungeon, first level25Coins 25Coins 2Yes
Shantay Pass ShopShantay Pass25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Trader Stan's Trading PostCatherby, Brimhaven, Musa Point, Oo'glog, Port Khazard, Port Phasmatys, Mos Le'Harmless, Port Tyras25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Trader's GoodsDarkmeyer25Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Uglug's StuffsiesJiggig25Coins 25Coins 10Yes

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Baby implingN/A1Common
Bandit looter421Common
Desert Lizard35; 49; 631Common
Dried zombie671Common
H.A.M. Guard301Common
Jogre57; 861Common
Ogre coffinN/A1Common
Skeleton looter421Common
Small Lizard211Common
Tree spirit (Enchanted Valley)121Common
Zombie (Tarn's Lair)72; 74; 75; 77; 78; 79; 82; 84; 851Common
Goblin1; 2; 4; 5; 6; 7; 11; 841Rare
Rock Crab711Uncommon


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  • The current appearance of the item's inventory sprite resembles that of real-world Bowie knives.
  • In the early days of RuneScape Classic, free players could pick up a knife and throw it.[source needed]
  • The equipable knife glitch in RuneScape Classic allowed players to wield a knife, giving very high strength bonuses that made players with level 1 Strength able to hit 10-20 hitpoints of damage. This glitch was later fixed.
  • The knife's inventory graphic was updated on 25 May 2010, making it look sharper.
  • Seven knives are one of the ingredients of Iron Beer.

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