Koi Scales

Koi Scales are a type of trade good in Player-owned ports. Along with 90 Crafting, 80 scales are used to make the Reefwalker's cape and 100 to make the Superior reefwalker's cape. At 92 Runecrafting, players can make a Seasinger kiba and Seasinger makigai with scales, chi and a gemstone kaseki.

The adventures that offer Koi Scale special voyages are the Architect and the Trapper. Their scale voyages also reward pearls. The Architect's voyages reward more scales while the Trapper offers more pearls. Also, Architect/Missionary and Trapper/Assassin joint voyages can reward scales, the former focusing more on scales than pearls.

The maximum amount of scales a player can store at one time is 250. Any successful voyages after this will not increase the total.

Players may also buy individual units in the form of ports koi scale packs from Boni on Waiko after the miniquest Impressing the Locals. These cost 3 taijitu and 1,000 chimes each, but are the variant outside of Player-Owned Ports.

Superior Reefwalker's cape

Item Scales needed Level Degrade time
Reefwalker's cape Superior reefwalker's cape 100 Koi Scales 90 Crafting 12 Hours

Reefwalker's cape

Based on the GE prices of the regular Reefwalker's cape, an approximate value for scales can be calculated as follows:

Item Scales needed Grand Exchange price Gold per Scale Level Degrade time
Reefwalker's cape Reefwalker's cape 80 Koi Scales 185,881 2,324 90 Crafting 10 Hours


Item Chi needed Scales needed Gemstone kaseki Level Degrade time
Seasinger kiba Seasinger kiba 100 Chi 50 Koi Scales 1 Gemstone kaseki 92 Runecrafting 10 Hours
Seasinger makigai Seasinger makigai 50 Chi 25 Koi Scales 1 Gemstone kaseki 92 Runecrafting 10 Hours

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