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This is the quick guide for Koschei's Troubles.
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Start pointQuest map icon Talk to Thorvald the Warrior in Skulgrimen's Battle Gear in Rellekka
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyNone
Official lengthShort
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:

Optional for total completion:

Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat
  • None

Koschei the Deathless returns

The Axe and the Tree

Items needed: Balmung
  • Talk to Koschei. (Chat 1)
  • With the Balmung in your inventory, chop down the Blossoming tree north-west of the bridge south of Rellekka.
  • Take the chest from tree stump.
  • Return and talk to Koschei.
  • Open the chest.

Floating the ship

  • Inspect the toy ship.
  • Talk to Koschei.
  • Go to the well south-east of longhall.
  • Use the toy ship on the well.

The Jewel

  • Return and talk to Koschei.
  • Interact with the jewel. (Chat 1)
  • Talk to Koschei. (Chat ~)
  • Quest complete!
    • If you want to complete the entire miniquest which is a requirement for Mahjarrat Memories talk to Kharshai. (Chat 431)
    • Interact Blue jewel (Chat 2) (Requires 90 Strength)
    • Talk to Kharshai. (Chat 43)
    • Talk to Kharshai again. (Chat 432)
    • Interact Red jewel (Chat 3) (Requires 90 Prayer)
    • Talk to Kharshai. (Chat 43)
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