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Koschei the deathless chathead

Koschei the Deathless is an alter ego of the Mahjarrat Kharshai. Until completion of Koschei's Troubles, his true identity is not known to either the player or himself.

He is fought as part of the Thorvald the Warrior's challenge during The Fremennik Trials. His combat level is not shown, but he will get progressively stronger, and gains increased life points, defence, and strength each time he is defeated. Although the fourth form is difficult, it is not impossible to defeat him. If he is defeated the player will be rewarded with a Fremennik blade. His fourth form uses incredibly fast attacks that hit less than his previous ones; however, the attack speed more than compensates for the lower damage dealt.

He can be fought again after the quest as a Class E boss in the Dominion Tower, with the same moves and abilities as he had in the quest, but now able to be fought with armour and weapons.


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Koschei in battle

Koschei defeating a player

As no weapons or armour can be used, it is recommended to switch to Legacy Mode to fight Koschei unarmed. He is not difficult for mid to high level players, and can be defeated with little to no food, though it is still recommended to bring some. Rings of recoil will help for the fight - more significantly for lower levels.

If you manage to kill him three times, decide to try and kill him a fourth time, but find yourself unable to, the trial will still be deemed as a success. Once your life points reach 10, the player will kneel down and be transported back to Thorvald, still completing the trial if they are on his fourth form. Dying to any of the previous forms will result in a normal death and loss of items.

It is possible to smuggle certain weapons into Koschei's chamber, as you can take an unhilted godsword.


  • Koschei has many traits (including the trait of being hard to kill) that are similar to that of the Russian legend of the same name. However in this legend, Koschei's soul was in a needle, inside an egg, inside a duck, inside a hare, inside an iron chest, which was buried under a green oak tree, which is on the island of Buyan, in the ocean. The only way to defeat him was if the egg or the needle was broken, and in some legends it has to be done on Koschei's forehead.
  • Koschei's name is spelled Коще́й Бессме́ртный (Koschéi Bessmértny) in Russia where he is a popular figure in its folklore. As is usual in Russian transliterations, there are numerous other spellings. The spelling in other Slavic languages (like Polish "Kościej", Czech "Kostěj") suggests that his name may be derived from "kost" (rus. кость, pol. kość, cz. kost = bone); thus suggesting a skeleton-like appearance, which also indicates a possible connection with the Mahjarrat.
  • If you kill a form of Koschei during the warrior's trial, when the next form spawns, a glitch will occur, and 2 Koscheis will spawn, overlapping each other. However, once you attack him, the clone will disappear.
  • He appears to bear the symbol of Zamorak on his chest.
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