Krandorian hops detail

Krandorian hops can be used to brew dragon bitter. Four Krandorian hops and level 39 Cooking are needed to brew it. They can be grown from Krandorian seeds at level 21 Farming. They take an average of 65 minutes to grow.

It gives 17 experience when planted, and 19.5 experience when harvested.

A farmer will look after the hops for you for 3 sacks of cabbages.

For 15 Krandorian hops, a farmer will look after your Grapevine.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Alice's Farming ShopAlice's farm10Coins 5Coins 0Yes
Richard's Farming ShopArdougne10Coins 5Coins 0Yes
Sarah's Farming ShopFalador farm10Coins 5Coins 0Yes
Vanessa's Farming ShopCatherby10Coins 5Coins 0Yes


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  • Their name is a reference to the isle of Crandor which features in the quest Dragon Slayer and the fact it is brewed into dragon bitter is a reference to the fact that Crandor was destroyed by the dragon Elvarg.
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