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Kudos are reward points for helping the staff in the Varrock Museum. You receive experience points for various skills for accumulating certain amounts of kudos, as explained at Varrock Museum's rewards. Also, you will need 100 kudos to join a planned dig on an island north of Morytania, although the barge to go to the island has not been finished yet. To complete The Temple at Senntisten, a player needs 125 kudos. Kudos also play a role in the Varrock Tasks--earning 50 kudos is one of the Easy tasks, and earning 153 is a Hard task.

A player can earn a maximum of 198 kudos in the Varrock Museum activity through 5 different methods:

Players can speak to the Information clerk on the ground1st floor[UK] of the Varrock Museum to receive suggestions on how to receive more Kudos.

Having a maximum number of kudos is required to obtain the completionist cape and the master quest cape.

Cleaning finds

A total of 50 Kudos can be earned by cleaning finds from the Digsite, found in the roped-off area of the museum, not the Digsite itself. In order to do this, you must have first completed The Dig Site quest. You must also be wearing leather gloves and leather boots, and have a trowel, a rock pick, and a specimen brush. All can be obtained from the tool rack on the south wall in the museum.

To clean a find, repeat the following steps:

  1. Take a Dig Site specimen rock from the pile on the floor to the east just inside the roped-off area
  2. Use the uncleaned find on an empty specimen tables.
  3. You can earn Kudos only if you find the following items, which have historical value to the Museum:
    1. Pottery (10 Kudos)
    2. Ancient symbol (10 Kudos)
    3. Old symbol (10 Kudos)
    4. Ancient coin (10 Kudos)
    5. Old coin (10 Kudos)
  4. If you find any of the above, Use it on one of the NPCs working on the other specimen tables.
  5. Use the item with the mentioned display case to earn 10 museum kudos points.

Note that if you find more than one of each item, only the first instance goes in the display case and earns kudos; subsequent items can be placed in the storage crates. The chances of getting a Kudos related item is totally random and may take some time.

Unimportant artefacts

Other artefacts such as old chipped vases and arrowheads can be traded for prizes in the storage crates. Most of these prizes have some gold value, one notable exception is the antique lamp which grants 500 experience points to a skill over level 10 of your choice.

If you find jewellery and give it to any archaeologist, you will receive 5 coins. However, since nearly everything you receive in trade from the storage crates is worth more than 5 coins, giving it to an archaeologist is not useful.

One of the possible finds, the clean necklace, can be shown to the archaeologists to learn how to enchant ruby necklaces into digsite pendants.

Prizes for finding unimportant artefacts:

These are the prizes you can get by placing items in the storage crates:

Exhibit Quizzes

The easiest way to earn kudos is to go into the museum's lower floor, and answer the natural history quiz questions on various creatures in RuneScape. This can provide 2 kudos for each correctly answered set of 3 questions for a total of 28.

Completing Quests

If players relate the tale of how they completed certain quests to Historian Minas (found on the first floor), they earn kudos, as well as antique lamps that give 1,000 experience in a skill of the players' choice and an antique lamp granting 10,000 experience. If players completed these quests before the Kudos system was in place, they can still speak to him and receive the kudos owed to them.

The list of the quests for which players can earn kudos is:

The Curse of Zaros (10 kudos) (Miniquest)
Defender of Varrock (5 kudos)
Demon Slayer (5 kudos)
Glorious Memories (10 kudos for the Prophecy tablet)
  • If you speak to him without a tablet, you'll only receive 5 kudos, but you can get the other 5 if you bring him the tablet.
  • In case you destroyed the prophecy, talk to Baba Yaga about "astral rune" and bring an Unfinished astral rune and she will give you the Prophecy tablet once again. If the tablet has been previously obtained, it will be impossible to get another unfinished astral rune; instead skip that step and speak directly to Baba Yaga.
  • For the unfinished astral rune, talk to Chieftain Brundt to get it back, by asking about the birthday feast.
The Grand Tree (5 kudos)
Hazeel Cult (5 kudos)
In Aid of the Myreque (5 kudos)
Making History (5 kudos)
Meeting History (5 kudos)
Merlin's Crystal (5 kudos)
Observatory Quest (5 kudos)
Priest in Peril (5 kudos)
Rune Mysteries (5 kudos)
Shield of Arrav (5 kudos)
A Tail of Two Cats (5 kudos)
Temple of Ikov (5 kudos)
What Lies Below (5 kudos) (for the Dagon'hai history book; a copy of the book can be found in the Varrock library or in a POH's bookcases)

Completing these quests will grant the player a total of 95 kudos.

Dahmaroc statue

Completing the Dahmaroc statue built for the Shattered Heart Distraction and Diversion for the first time earns a player 10 kudos.

Mr. Mordaut

Mr. Mordaut can be found in his office under the stairs in the basement. Talking with him about the dragonkin can result in kudos gain as well as receiving one 25,000 Slayer experience dragonkin lamp. To earn the rewards player must complete A Tail of Two Cats and Ritual of the Mahjarrat (5 kudos), kill the King Black Dragon or obtain Last riders (5 kudos), and defeat the Queen Black Dragon (5 kudos). The lamp is received after all these tasks are completed.

Talking with Mr. Mordaut will grant the player a total of 15 kudos.


  • Kudos to You (RuneScore.png 25) - Reach full Kudos with the Varrock Museum.


  • If you had max Kudos before Defender of Varrock and then went to max them once again after the release of Defender of Varrock you would get five extra kudos and a 1,000 experience antique lamp.
  • If you offer one of the archaeologists anything besides pottery, ancient symbol, old symbol, ancient coin, old coin, an effigy or jewellery, they say "Thank you, but I don't need that."