Kuradal's Dungeon
Kuradal's dungeon
Release date 8 December 2009 (Update)
Kingdom Kandarin
Members Yes
Main music None
Levels Any
Strongest monster Airut (level 122)
Dwarf multicannon allowed Not allowed
Quests taking place here None
Inhabitants Demons, dragons
Kuradal's Dungeon map

Kuradal's Dungeon is an area near the Ancient Cavern that is filled with slayer monsters. Players can enter the dungeon only if Kuradal, or her superior, Morvran, has assigned them a slayer task for one of the monsters in the dungeon. Also, Kuradal will not allow players with dwarf multicannons in their inventories to enter her dungeon.

Once in the dungeon, players can only attack the Slayer monster they were assigned, and only while the task has not been completed. All monsters in the dungeon except dark beasts, hellhounds and gargoyles are unaggressive; the aggressive monsters, however, can attack the players, and players cannot retaliate unless the monster is part of the assignment.

The dungeon has three Agility shortcuts:

  • The low wall in the north, requiring 86 Agility.
  • The low wall in the middle, requiring 86 Agility.
  • The wall run in the south, requiring 90 Agility.

The shortcuts allows players to get deep in the dungeon without having to pass through as many monster-filled rooms.

If you die on the way out after finishing a task, Kuradal allows you to enter the dungeon to collect your items, even though you don't have a slayer task for monsters in the dungeon.


The entrance to Kuradal's Dungeon is in the Ancient Cavern near Kuradal, who is located in the back of the dungeon, on the opposite side of the whirlpool entrance, and up the stairs.

There are four ways to get to the entrance:

  • Using a ferocious ring to teleport to Kuradal.
  • Using a Slayer cape or any of its variants to teleport to Kuradal.
  • Entering the Ancient Cavern via the lake at Baxtorian Falls. To enter the cavern, players must jump off the dock on the north side of the lake (followers such as pets or familiars cannot be out at this time). To be able to enter this way, players must have completed Barbarian Training up to the pyre ships part. One fast way to get to the dock is to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost using a Games necklace.
  • Use Fairy ring code BJQ to teleport to the Ancient Cavern. Partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen is required to use the fairy rings, and the ring in the cavern must first be repaired before it can be used. This is done by using 5 bittercap mushrooms and a spade on the inner ring.


Kuradal's DungeonHellhoundGreater demonBlue dragonGargoyleAbyssal demonSteel dragonIron dragonDark beastAirutHellhoundGreater demonBlue dragonGargoyleAbyssal demonAirutDark beastIron dragonSteel dragonKuradal's Dungeon map


Monsters that can be found in Kuradal's Dungeon include:

Monster Image Room Level Quantity Weakness
1 92 7 Slash weakness icon Slash
Greater demon
Greater Demon v1
2 82 7 Bolt weakness icon Bolts

Silverlight Silverlight

Blue dragon
Blue dragon
3 74 5 Bolt weakness icon Bolts

Tune Bane Ore icon Bane

4 93 7 Water weakness icon Water spells
Abyssal demon
Abyssal demon
5 98 10 Slash weakness icon Slash

Silverlight Silverlight

Tune Bane Ore icon Bane

Dark beast
Dark beast
6 105 6 Bolt weakness icon Bolts
Iron dragon
Iron dragon
7 98 4 Water weakness icon Water spells

Tune Bane Ore icon Bane

Steel dragon
Steel dragon
7 100 4 Water weakness icon Water spells

Tune Bane Ore icon Bane

8 122 8 Zero weakness icon Nothing


Blue barrier

A magical energy barrier, separating monsters' areas.

Almost every type of monster is separated from other types of monster by barriers in the dungeon. The one exception is that the iron and steel dragons share the same chamber, although even there the iron dragons stay in the eastern side and the steel ones in the west without proper access to each other (blocked by a rock slide). Monsters, players, and familiars cannot attack through these barriers.

Ferocious rings

All monsters in the dungeon have a chance of dropping ferocious rings. Each ring has the following abilities:

  • Players can use a ring to teleport to Kuradal up to 5 times.
  • When wearing the ring in the dungeon, player's hits inflict +4% extra damage to the monsters.
  • When wearing the ring in the dungeon, it functions like a ring of life.



  • When outside the entrance to the dungeon, some dragons, gargoyles and other creatures will attempt to escape. Kuradal kills them immediately, often using magic or monster-specific tactics (e.g. throwing rocks at gargoyles) to do so.
  • If a player tries to attack a monster that isn't assigned as their task in Kuradal's Dungeon, it says "You're not down here to kill those", but if a player dies next to one with Wrath activated, it says "You don't have permission to kill those."
  • It is possible with Chain and Ricochet to hit a different species of monster than players are assigned. This can only occur in the room with the iron dragons and steel dragons.
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