Lacquer is a Trade good obtained from the Player-owned port minigame. It is used in the creation of Death Lotus equipment. To get this good the player must have unlocked The Hook region. The maximum amount of lacquer a player can store at one time is 250. Any successful voyages after this will not increase the total.

In addition to Standard voyages, lacquer can be obtained through the following methods (see Special voyages):

  • Completing resource voyages from The Convict and The Exile
  • Completing the following joint voyages:
  • As a one time reward from the following:
    • 25 lacquer is a reward for completing The Assassin's storyline
    • 15 lacquer (and 10 Ancient bones) is a reward for completing The Exile's storyline
    • 50 lacquer (and 50 Plates) is a reward for completing the Hyu-Ji final mission

If a player wishes to farm Lacquer, it is recommended to build two Convict statues and one Assassin statue and use their joint mission.

Players may also buy individual units in the form of ports lacquer packs from Boni on Waiko after the miniquest Impressing the Locals. These cost 2 taijitu and 1,000 chimes each, and are the only way to earn lacquer outside of Player-Owned Ports.

Superior Death Lotus armour

Item Lacquer needed Repair cost (Bob's Axes) Level to make Degrade time
Superior Death Lotus hood.png Superior Death Lotus hood 40 Lacquer.png 600,000 90 Crafting 12 Hours
Superior Death Lotus chaps.png Superior Death Lotus chaps 60 Lacquer.png 1,200,000
Superior Death Lotus chestplate.png Superior Death Lotus chestplate 100 Lacquer.png 2,400,000
Superior Death Lotus tekoh.png Superior Death Lotus tekoh 20 Lacquer.png 300,000
Superior Death Lotus tabi.png Superior Death Lotus tabi 20 Lacquer.png 300,000
Total 240 Lacquer.png 4,800,000

Death Lotus armour

Regular Death Lotus armour cannot be repaired or traded once they have started to degrade. Based on the GE prices of the regular Death Lotus armour, an approximate value for Lacquer can be calculated as follows:

Item Lacquer needed Grand Exchange price Gold per lacquer Level to make Degrade time
Death Lotus hood.png Death Lotus hood 30 Lacquer.png 3,752,317 125,077 90 Crafting 10 Hours
Death Lotus chaps.png Death Lotus chaps 50 Lacquer.png 4,986,451 99,729
Death Lotus chestplate.png Death Lotus chestplate 80 Lacquer.png 5,838,349 72,979
Total 160 Lacquer.png 14,577,117 91,107
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