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Lady Deathknell is a tutor who helps players learn the basics of Combat. She oversees the Combat Academy in Lumbridge. She was once an adventurer who claims to have explored many of the lands of Gielinor and has now settled down at Lumbridge, to help other adventurers start their journeys. She has a much more active side on adventuring, particularly combat, so that was why she decided to open the Combat Academy.


  • During the final training session, Lady Deathknell is shown to have a combat level of 200, 100,000 life points, and no weakness. If reduced to 0 life points, she will simply regain all of her health.
  • During the Combat Improvements Beta, Lady Deathknell gave away free special attack weapons for users to try at the combat academy.
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The Lady's introduction
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Concept art of Lady Deathknell.

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