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Lady Table.

Lady Table is a Temple Knight archivist who also helps with recruitment. She will test player's memories in the Recruitment Drive quest. She also plays a minor role in the Quiet Before the Swarm and Ritual of the Mahjarrat quests. She is also the only character to mention the Reprehensible Snowgre.


  • Her name is a pun on "lay the table".
  • During Quiet Before The Swarm, she allegedly teleported both Korasi and herself away, but Korasi's animation is that of a basic teleport, and not a tele-other spell. However, later in the quest, Korasi mentions that she isn't good enough with magic to teleport herself.
  • If her cutscene in Quiet Before The Swarm is interrupted, she will be at Port Sarim from the start, but she will still teleport in on Savant's cue.
  • She still uses the old white armour during Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
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