Lalli chathead

Lalli is a troll cook that guards the golden apple tree. He is needed in The Fremennik Trials to get the golden wool required to make the enchanted lyre. After the quest, golden fleece can be bought for 1,000 coins each from him. He seems to be constantly paranoid that players are going to steal his golden apples. Lalli is the only known troll cook who does not eat humans. He is fooled by players and a pet rock during this quest.

He can be reached quickly by using the fairy ring AJR to get to the Rellekka Slayer Caves, a Slayer ring to reach the same caves. Slower methods include using the enchanted lyre to teleport to the Rellekka area, by teleporting to a player-owned house (if set to Rellekka), by using a Rellekka tablet (after completion of Love Story) and running east or by lodestone teleport to the Fremennik Province and running south east.


  • When players buy the golden fleece from Lalli, he will refer to them as a "he" even if your character's gender is female.
  • Lalli may be a reference to Idunn from Norse Mythology who guarded and took care of the Golden Apples of which the Gods ate. Lalli is also tricked into giving the player the Golden Wool, just as Idunn was tricked by Loki.
  • During the quest, it is possible for a player to never meet or interact with Lalli if they obtain the lyre from killing the Fremennik citizens, Lanzig, Jenella, Freidir, Borrokar or Freygerd as an uncommon drop.
  • Lalli is also a character mentioned in the Finnish folklore.
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